It all begins with a phone call.  We'll take care of you from there.

The steps to get your home-improvement projects finished, especially from the damage dealt out by "mother nature" is a fairly simple process, contrary to what home and business owners may believe.  After years of experience, we at Eaglemark have been able to streamline this process to get you what you want, in the quickest and most pain-free fashion.


  • THE PHONE CALL - Call us for a FREE and NON-OBLIGATORY consultation regarding the situation of your roof/home.  We will ask you questions to further educate ourselves on what your goals are, and how we can be of service to you.
  • THE INSPECTION - After scheduling a date, we will come out and do a FULL and FREE inspection, specifically paying attention to areas of concern notated during our phone consult.
  • OUR RECOMMENDATION - After completing our inspection, we will have a pretty good idea as to what your best options are at that point in time.  More often than not, especially in situations regarding HAIL and STORM DAMAGE, we will have documented enough evidence to strongly recommend a call to your homeowners INSURANCE PROVIDER, who is responsible for repairing damage to your home.  IN THE EVENT THAT THERE IS NO DAMAGE, we will let you know that the integrity of your home has not been compromised, and no further action is necessary at that time.
  • INSURANCE CLAIMS - We will be with you every step of the way, from filing the claim with you to meeting your adjuster and negotiating pricing on your behalf.  We want what is best for you and your home at all times, which means for you to get the work you want done, at an extremely low out-of-pocket cost.  ALL THAT WE ASK is that if we get you the money you deserve, you choose EAGLEMARK ROOFING AND RESTORATION to do the work.
  • CONSTRUCTION (SEE "EXPLORE-A-JOB" TAB ABOVE)- After the insurance company has written you a check for the repairs to be completed, we get started on your home.  We use an in-house crew that has been with us for over 6 years; we have had enormous amounts of positive feedback from customers, regarding our crew's craftsmanship, their clean-up and attention to property, and how efficiently they work allowing you to return to your lives in two days or less.  Also, a member of our team will be on site the day of a job to ensure any issues are addressed, supply runs are immediate, and so that you have the piece of mind we are taking the best care of you possible.  


For more on our customer satisfaction, check out our "Testimonials" tab to get an idea of the quality you will be receiving with EAGLEMARK ROOFING AND RESTORATION.